When to Embrace a Keto Diet

Keto diet was established to cure patients with epilepsy. This kind of treatment mimicked fasting though allowed patients to acquire nutrients. This kind of food is so restrictive it cuts out certain fruits and vegetable, sugar and grains. Keto works by depleting the body of its sugar, then breaks down proteins and fats for energy thus causing ketosis and loss of weight. Here are some of the circumstances where you will find a keto diet very helpful. You can also read the keto to learn more about a keto diet.

Improves Heart Health

When the keto diet is followed accordingly, and healthily it promotes heart health. For instance, when you choose to take avocados which has healthy fat than pork it reduces the cholesterol. When following this diet good cholesterol increase significantly while bad cholesterol reduces drastically.

Protects Brain Functioning

Some research carried out shows that the keto diet is beneficial to the neurons. Therefore, it can treat conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and also sleep disorders. A study shows that children on the keto diet had improved alertness and proper cognitive functioning.

Reduce Cancer Risk

keto dietA study showed that the keto diet is a good complementary treatment to chemotherapy and radiation to cancer patients. This is because it will cause it increases oxidative stress in cancer cells than to the normal cells. Keto reduces high blood sugar thus reducing insulin complications which could be associated with some cancers.

Reduces Acne

Various types of acne could be caused by diet and blood sugar. Having a diet which has highly processed and refined carbohydrates is very dangerous. This is because it will alter the gut bacteria and cause blood sugar fluctuations which can cause complications on your skin health. Therefore, the keto diet, for instance, reducing the carbohydrates intake will help alleviate some cases of acne breakouts.

Aids in Weight Loss

It is very tedious to turn fats into energy than even turning carbohydrates into energy. Due to this keto diet helps speed weight loss. Since this kind of diet is rich in proteins, you won’t feel hungry like what other diets do.

Increases Energy

The body stores a lot of glycogen; that is why you need to fuel it consistently to be able to maintain the energy levels. During this process, the body has a lot of fats to work with and can still store more meaning ketosis has an energy source that can never run out. Therefore, you will have more and enough energy for the whole day.